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Talking Ben - Hero XL

$29.90 USD
In Stock

Invite Ben to live in your house - but don't blame us for anything he says!

Like the popular app, this plush Talking Ben will repeat what you say. But he's also prone to making other noises - so beware!

He reacts to being squeezed, pet or punched. His small size means he's perfect for children or anyone looking for a new Talking friend! His mouth moves when he speaks, and he can be activated by touching his head, tummy or foot. Or turned off when it's time to sleep.



  • Repeats what you say - just like the popular app!
  • Includes 16 unique sounds (including some that are not for the faint of heart!) from the app
  • Soft and perfect for cuddling
  • 12 inches tall
  • Can be activated via head, tummy or foot
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$29.90 USD
In Stock
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